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I'm alive?? [Apr. 27th, 2011|04:42 am]
[Current Mood |enthralledenthralled]
[Current Music |raindrops falling on cement ]

I got an awesome phone that allows me to use full net browsing and I thought ,"Hey, Kole. You can update LJ on the go nao. You should use it more." Hopefully that will be the case.

So, I rode in a a cop SUV tonight as a friend + I were witness to a robbery while on a longboarding journey. The seats in the back were pretty comfy.

Nao, I shall go eat lime sherbert + buddy my girlfriend before sleep. :3

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[User Picture]From: neurohazzard
2011-04-28 01:29 am (UTC)
wow, this is the first post I've seen on my friends page that wasn't a riceboy update in months.
Hi! *waves*
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[User Picture]From: wareta_mado
2011-04-28 09:52 am (UTC)
I know, it's been quite a while. lol

You still living in Vic? If so, we should hangout sometime. I moved back here about 6 months ago. :3
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[User Picture]From: neurohazzard
2011-04-28 10:18 pm (UTC)
Yup, still living in Vic.
We should definitely hang out sometime. This week is a little busy, but otherwise I have lots of free time. Anyways, text me sometime, 250-516-4844
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